Business Domain Overview

In the recent years Artificial intelligence (AI) has been frequently mentioned in conjunction with robotic solutions for complex applications, leading to considerations of Machine Learning capabilities in the robotics domain. While AI is not yet close enough to reaching its full potential, as it continues to advance, the field of robotics will advance alongside with it.

In the context of robotic systems, AI is a methodology that would allow the robots to perform complex tasks that cannot be performed based on the state-of-the-art technology and knowhow. AI provides means of capturing requirements that cannot be modeled analytically and are continuously changing allowing the robots to be autonomous in the presence of such changes and uncertainties.

AMI’s AI-Embedded Robotics business focuses on applications where the key feature in the execution of tasks are Machine Learning and Autonomy. The emerging AI-Embedded Robots will co-exist with humans such that there will be benefits to humans from their interaction and association with such robots.

The widely diversified domain of Consumer Robots includes the sector of Autonomous AI-Embedded Robotics for Home and Institutional Care. By addressing mass markets this sector is on track to offering significant robotics business opportunities.

AMI's product, the ROBOBUTLER, is an autonomous mobile robot with one or two robotic arms that would perform domestic chores such as:

(i) primary: loading & unloading dishwasher, loading & unloading washer and dryer, fetching and tidying up small items around the living quarters

(ii) secondary: surface decontamination, cleaning/wiping, meal table setting.

There is a wide range of Consumer Robots applications that present significant business opportunities such as in the context of Intelligent Home, Intelligent Community, and Intelligent City. They provide the basis for related AMI’s R&D, product development and business growth.

The current business development effort at AMI is focused on home and institutional care robotics based on AMI's technology of AI-Embedded Robotics. 



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